Dear Baby Boomers.

I would like to issue an apology. We’re sorry about this page and how it enables our apathy toward current events. You guys should teach us how to live. Please see video apology below. I didn’t care enough to make one but worked a treat. xx MR


Why Gen Y is Unhappy

We read an interesting article today. an article about why Gen Y is unhappy, and we would like you to consider it.

The article on attempted to explain ‘Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy?’ The simplistic author has quite a fondness of stick figures and unicorns and used these to explain that due to better living standards, class movement and opportunity, Gen Y has ‘unrealistic expectations’. (I’ve fleshed out the reasoning a little out of necessity).

Do you agree? Does Gen Y actually care to much and have unrealistic expectations about their life trajectory? Or do we in fact not care enough, and find ourselves too distracted by buzzfeed articles to realise we don’t pay enough attention to our aspirations?

Read the article (its pretty much a children’s book kinda structure) and let us know your thoughts xx MR

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