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Lately I’ve been feeling very apathetic. I can’t get anything done—housework, or much else. I am not as productive at work lately. I’m not particularly tired. I just don’t feel like doing anything. What could be causing this?

–Slacker (Untied States)


Sometimes when our energy is shifting, it can sometimes feel like everything is stagnant and the energy is not moving. Examples of when energy is shifting include when we’re going to make a career change or some other kind of major life change.

Also, apathy is actually a form of energetic resistance. Just let yourself be apathetic for a while and see if the energy shifts more quickly when you give it space to be.

Also, I encourage you to let yourself imagine what really makes you excited. A new hobby, a class to take, travelling to a place you’ve always wanted to go…

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Why Gen Y is Unhappy

We read an interesting article today. an article about why Gen Y is unhappy, and we would like you to consider it.

The article on waitbutwhy.com attempted to explain ‘Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy?’ The simplistic author has quite a fondness of stick figures and unicorns and used these to explain that due to better living standards, class movement and opportunity, Gen Y has ‘unrealistic expectations’. (I’ve fleshed out the reasoning a little out of necessity).

Do you agree? Does Gen Y actually care to much and have unrealistic expectations about their life trajectory? Or do we in fact not care enough, and find ourselves too distracted by buzzfeed articles to realise we don’t pay enough attention to our aspirations?

Read the article (its pretty much a children’s book kinda structure) and let us know your thoughts xx MR

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Big Brother Episode 24 Synopsis: Do you care?

There’s been a lot of talk about the long awaited new season of Big Brother. And by ‘long awaited’ I mean ‘why god, why’. So I decided to sit through 41 minutes and 32 seconds of agony for the point of this blog post, and to see if Big brother in all its voyeuristic glory, is actually worth caring about.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the goings on:

  • New American intruder Leo tries to fit onto the house by coming between pseudo couple Skye and Jake, and later asking the male housemates what they really thought of him on first impressions. Head of house Sam passes on his reigning title to Cat. The head of house apparently has privileges like getting to sleep in fancy rooms and ostracize people they don’t like.
  • The housemates attend a ‘party of illusions’ where they dress up in cabaret style promiscuous clothing. For some reason. Oh and there’s communal showers.
  • House mates go to party and talk about if you can have platonic friendships with the opposite sex. There is a montage of dancing. For some reason.
  • Whilst everyone is in the hot tub (seriously its dangerously over capacity)’ cat chooses Lawson to spend the night with her in ‘the sanctuary’ and everyone talks about how they are going to hook up.
  • Lisa cried because someone a male housemate confronted her about being rude to him. Don’t worry they make up.

Now that you have the details about what goes on in the big brother house, what do you think? Is it worth caring about? Maybe the issue here isn’t if Big Brother is worth out attention, but why reality TV is flooding our airways and intruding our lives with prompts to take to twitter and phone lines for voting. Can’t we just come up with a new sitcom?

Decide for yourself and watch the latest episode here


Why I dont care about Blake’s broken heart

After a media ban on all interviews and a few pregnancy rumors, channel ten has confirmed that the bachelor romance-between Blake Garvey and Sam Frost-has come to a saddening demise. Along with the opportunity for Mr and Mrs Garvey to do cross-promotional appearances on next year’s Masterchef.

But seriously. It’s a sad day that this fairytale romance, destined for success, has been so short lived. It followed all the textbook steps: Topless waiter meets 15 girls,* 15 girls meet topless waiter, and after a television season of cliff hangers and dodging the metaphorical and physical thorns on roses, toplesss waiter picks cute blonde over all other contestants and proposes to her with ring bought by multimillion dollar corporation. Never mind the promotion of social accepted polygamy, my issue is this. After living 20 episodes of candlelit dinners on yachts and south African holidays, did anyone really think these ‘relationships’ were transferable to the real world?

It hurts me to say i just cant find it in my fragile little heart to care about Blake and Sam’s heartbreak. Because I never believed it stood a chance, and very possibly was never existent. Stop asking me to care about reality TV romances when I have real love to contemplate. Like Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez. What a roller coaster ride…

*I don’t actually know how many contestants there were and Google wont tell me.


Why do I care about Justin Timberlake?

So yesterday I went to see JT in concert. That is of course, Justin Timberlake. Him and I are on just initials basis, because so is the rest of the western world. Here’s a little about my journey to meet God, I mean…the 20/20 experience tour.


We walked into the Audi corporate box with the expected sense of bravado you would assumingly think appropriate. I titled my nose up and pursed my lips and made a bee-line for the bread rolls. Whilst we waited for the start of the concert-champagne and bread roll in hand-we scoffed at the DJ, the mosh pit and the hoards of titillated female fans chattering whilst their male partners sunk deeper into their pockets.


Suddenly, it began. (Half an hour late). Lights, sounds, echoes, a laser or two and I suddenly realized my heart was POUNDING. Oh my god, he was coming, and he would be but a mere 500-700metre away were my eyes were fixated.


Cue two hours of embarrassingly girlish sequels and the re-vertigo dizziness of becoming my pre teen self. He was amazing, and all I could keep thinking wasn’t real. I watched girls in the pit reach their hands out desperately-just to touch him.

Why do we do this? Why do we go so crazy just to tactilely interact with celebrities? I have a theory of sorts. We spend so much time engaging with versions of them in print, on screen and on the web. We know everything about their constructed life and no way of telling if its real. We’re asked to care about their romantic pursuits and their hem lines qualify as news stories between world politics and weather. We touch just to see if their real and we squeal to hope that they may just hear our voice once, when we hear there’s all too often.

Do you think its healthy we’re made to care so much about celebrity culture that we can hardly believe they’re real?


Films again!

After watching every single film ever made between this post and the last film post, we have decided that watching films and television is the best way to not care about people and still be there for them. You need to cheer a friend up? Don’t talk to them! Watch a comedy! Your friend wants to wallow in the pool of sadness that is there life? Watch a tragedy! Don’t feel like gossiping? Watch a drama and let the fictional characters gossip for you, especially because their lives are far more interesting than yours. Here’s a great film you can show your family if they start crying about the fact that no one in the family loves each other. You won’t actually resolve any issues, but at lease you can all hold each other while you watch it and whenever a character on screen says something particularly selfish and apathetic you can all squeal, “THAT IS SO ME!”



Why should I care about Ashton and Mila’s Baby?

Because everything about this is awesome. Seriously. I’m gonna just admit it. To me this is the best thing thing Christmas. Forget George and Amal, forget Kate and Harry and their son flaps-his-arms sir lot, forget the weather. This is all I want to hear about for the next couple of days/ weeks.

I grew up watching that 70s show. In a lot of ways I grew up with the characters. And even though my Dad wouldn’t tell me why the basement was always so smoky, I really connected with them. Then on that fateful day when you realise that the actors have other friends, other partners, and are not each other’s whole lives, it’s kind of depressing. So Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis finally finding love and family after all these years, its just dandy.

Props to the universe for giving us something to care about that doesn’t exhaust and demand my attention with media hype and tricks. Who needs the bachelor (ever anyway, for any reason at all) when this real life beauty simply exists.

See the awesome funny way they announced the birth of their child here

xx MR