Why Social Media is Killing You (r’e productivity)

Doing assignments is hard. Doing work is hard. How are you suppose to finish a presentation in 7 hours while watching American Horrer Story, talking to your cousin on Facebook and monitoring @bigbrother_au on twitter? At some point our tab bars have become over exhausted from our ‘multi-tasking’ and out attention split between so many forms of media. So are we caring less about everything because we simply don’t care, or are we trying to care abut too many things at once? Let us know what you think xxMR




Interesting post on the causes of apathy

Ask Dali Mama


Lately I’ve been feeling very apathetic. I can’t get anything done—housework, or much else. I am not as productive at work lately. I’m not particularly tired. I just don’t feel like doing anything. What could be causing this?

–Slacker (Untied States)


Sometimes when our energy is shifting, it can sometimes feel like everything is stagnant and the energy is not moving. Examples of when energy is shifting include when we’re going to make a career change or some other kind of major life change.

Also, apathy is actually a form of energetic resistance. Just let yourself be apathetic for a while and see if the energy shifts more quickly when you give it space to be.

Also, I encourage you to let yourself imagine what really makes you excited. A new hobby, a class to take, travelling to a place you’ve always wanted to go…

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Ants or Dogs?

Hey apathetics!

Stopped caring about uni work? Start caring about whether you’re a dog or an ant person! I am apparently an ant person, which is ironic because I’m sitting on the ground outside my house while writing and maliciously flicking away ants that are attempting to climb the trunks that are my legs.

Happy quizzing <3!




1 reason why we hate Buzzfeed

Lists take up my newsfeed on Facebook, the search results from Google and even articles and videos when people explain why they hate lists. I hate them just as much as you do, so I’m not going to list the reasons I hate Buzzfeed (I’m too apathetic), I’ll just let someone more intelligent and less-Gen-Y do it for me.

We encourage you to defy our blog’s ethics and list reasons why you agree or disagree with him.



The Top Eight Things On The Internet We Dont Care About

We hear you world. Posts and ‘social engagement’ happen in the form of lists and phrases like ‘you’ll never guess what happens next’. This is how you make people care, like, CLICK.

Well we’ve had enough. We’re sick of our attention being abused and manipulated for profit. And most of all, we ‘re sick of being made to care about everyone’s causeless content that distracts us from the important things in life.

Here’s out top ten edit on what we just don’t give a damn about. ‘Number 3 is a clincher!!’

8) Kim Kardashian

She’s rich and hot and married to a rapper but we’re just not getting it. Firstly, when was the last time anyone heard her speak? And second, Kim and Kanye just seem like the B grade version of Beyonce and Jay Z.

Side note: Why do all Lebanese girls think they look like her?

7) Your model Facebook page

You are a model when a brand pays you money to represent them. Promotional staff activities do not count and ‘photo shoots’ with your awkward friend that’s kind of in love with you DEFINATLEY don’t’. Stop asking me to like your ‘public figure’ page. I have enough cat memes also vying for my attention.

6) Were you are DJing this weekend

 We’ve never heard of that club and you’re on at 7pm and I don’t want $5 wet pussy shots. At 7pm, I plan to be drinking wine at a real venue with my real friends, not watching you DJ, kind sir who I don’t remember friend request approving.

5) Make money from home ads

 These aren’t actually real.

4) Horrible shark attack stories

Who is sending in photos of their loved ones moments before their death? And who is perpetuating grief as a form of entertainment? Our deepest condolences for shark attack victims and their families. We wont share your grief for engagement with our website about travel insurance.

3) New ways to get fit/ skinny

Teas, smoothies, ten day ‘body transformations’…there are two things that make you look like an underwear model in this world and they are diet and exercise. You know this. Don’t click on the article, it is bordered with six banner adds for Mercedes.

 2) The naked pictures of Jennifer Laurence and co

First of all Jennifer Laurance (and related) were  banging hot before the naked photos, so stop talking about it incessantly. This isn’t new. Second they’re also human beings and if you’re trolling the internet for these photos you’re no better than a twelve year old boy with a peep hole into a woman’s change room.

 1) The ASL ice bucket challenge

 *Cue roar of outrage* We’re not throwing fake facts at you about its success rate, we’re just disturbed by the concept. Call us old fashioned but what happened to selfless charity that engaged people without a novel, narcistic entertainment factor?

 Do yourself a favor today, click on what entertains you, not what monetizes you.