Why I dont care about Blake’s broken heart

After a media ban on all interviews and a few pregnancy rumors, channel ten has confirmed that the bachelor romance-between Blake Garvey and Sam Frost-has come to a saddening demise. Along with the opportunity for Mr and Mrs Garvey to do cross-promotional appearances on next year’s Masterchef.

But seriously. It’s a sad day that this fairytale romance, destined for success, has been so short lived. It followed all the textbook steps: Topless waiter meets 15 girls,* 15 girls meet topless waiter, and after a television season of cliff hangers and dodging the metaphorical and physical thorns on roses, toplesss waiter picks cute blonde over all other contestants and proposes to her with ring bought by multimillion dollar corporation. Never mind the promotion of social accepted polygamy, my issue is this. After living 20 episodes of candlelit dinners on yachts and south African holidays, did anyone really think these ‘relationships’ were transferable to the real world?

It hurts me to say i just cant find it in my fragile little heart to care about Blake and Sam’s heartbreak. Because I never believed it stood a chance, and very possibly was never existent. Stop asking me to care about reality TV romances when I have real love to contemplate. Like Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez. What a roller coaster ride…

*I don’t actually know how many contestants there were and Google wont tell me.