Do We Care About Mcdonals Home Delivery?

Apparently we no longer care enough to drag our drunken, hungry selves to our local mcdonals anymore. And we no longer have to.

Delivery services for Mcdonals have been popping up in Sydney of late-with Waterloo, Surry Hills and Redfern privy to at home service via online portal Now, the super-size company-like its Asian counterparts- is set to do it in house in Brisbane.

What do you think this says about our generation? Are you more likely to buy Mcdonals if you can get it delivered?

Read full article and list of 20 participating restaurants here




Not giving a f*** is the slogan of our campaign and for certain members of Generation Y. The cool thing about it is that everyone gets to decide what in particular they’re not going to give a f*** about! For most people that will include general responsibilities such as chores, school work, relationships etc. Generation Y rapper and spoken word artist George Watsky however, provides an alternative to direct our apathy at: living up to the standards of others. In his song IDGAF, he discusses how you can allow your life to be ruined by being jealous of the #humblebrags of people around you, or you can choose to not give a f***!

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