Big Brother Episode 24 Synopsis: Do you care?

There’s been a lot of talk about the long awaited new season of Big Brother. And by ‘long awaited’ I mean ‘why god, why’. So I decided to sit through 41 minutes and 32 seconds of agony for the point of this blog post, and to see if Big brother in all its voyeuristic glory, is actually worth caring about.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the goings on:

  • New American intruder Leo tries to fit onto the house by coming between pseudo couple Skye and Jake, and later asking the male housemates what they really thought of him on first impressions. Head of house Sam passes on his reigning title to Cat. The head of house apparently has privileges like getting to sleep in fancy rooms and ostracize people they don’t like.
  • The housemates attend a ‘party of illusions’ where they dress up in cabaret style promiscuous clothing. For some reason. Oh and there’s communal showers.
  • House mates go to party and talk about if you can have platonic friendships with the opposite sex. There is a montage of dancing. For some reason.
  • Whilst everyone is in the hot tub (seriously its dangerously over capacity)’ cat chooses Lawson to spend the night with her in ‘the sanctuary’ and everyone talks about how they are going to hook up.
  • Lisa cried because someone a male housemate confronted her about being rude to him. Don’t worry they make up.

Now that you have the details about what goes on in the big brother house, what do you think? Is it worth caring about? Maybe the issue here isn’t if Big Brother is worth out attention, but why reality TV is flooding our airways and intruding our lives with prompts to take to twitter and phone lines for voting. Can’t we just come up with a new sitcom?

Decide for yourself and watch the latest episode here