Why should I care about Ashton and Mila’s Baby?

Because everything about this is awesome. Seriously. I’m gonna just admit it. To me this is the best thing thing Christmas. Forget George and Amal, forget Kate and Harry and their son flaps-his-arms sir lot, forget the weather. This is all I want to hear about for the next couple of days/ weeks.

I grew up watching that 70s show. In a lot of ways I grew up with the characters. And even though my Dad wouldn’t tell me why the basement was always so smoky, I really connected with them. Then on that fateful day when you realise that the actors have other friends, other partners, and are not each other’s whole lives, it’s kind of depressing. So Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis finally finding love and family after all these years, its just dandy.

Props to the universe for giving us something to care about that doesn’t exhaust and demand my attention with media hype and tricks. Who needs the bachelor (ever anyway, for any reason at all) when this real life beauty simply exists.

See the awesome funny way they announced the birth of their child here

xx MR


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