Dear Baby Boomers.

I would like to issue an apology. We’re sorry about this page and how it enables our apathy toward current events. You guys should teach us how to live. Please see video apology below. I didn’t care enough to make one but worked a treat. xx MR


Do We Care About Mcdonals Home Delivery?

Apparently we no longer care enough to drag our drunken, hungry selves to our local mcdonals anymore. And we no longer have to.

Delivery services for Mcdonals have been popping up in Sydney of late-with Waterloo, Surry Hills and Redfern privy to at home service via online portal Now, the super-size company-like its Asian counterparts- is set to do it in house in Brisbane.

What do you think this says about our generation? Are you more likely to buy Mcdonals if you can get it delivered?

Read full article and list of 20 participating restaurants here


Why We Care About The Sexy Ebola Costume

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with a relevant social comment. Introducing the Ebola outbreak costume! Now featured in buzz feed articles and daily posts everywhere.

Here’s the thing though, its not technically ‘real’. Although bio hazard costumes do exist this one is a ‘sexy breaking bad’ outfit, with the page being photo shopped for the Internets self righteous pleasure.

We’re still working on who’s responsible. Do you know? We just wanna high five them. We get the joke. xxMR

Why Social Media is Killing You (r’e productivity)

Doing assignments is hard. Doing work is hard. How are you suppose to finish a presentation in 7 hours while watching American Horrer Story, talking to your cousin on Facebook and monitoring @bigbrother_au on twitter? At some point our tab bars have become over exhausted from our ‘multi-tasking’ and out attention split between so many forms of media. So are we caring less about everything because we simply don’t care, or are we trying to care abut too many things at once? Let us know what you think xxMR



Cleaning the house is such a bore! Why can’t we all just wriggle around in our filth at all times? You know who sets the standard for how clean a house should be? Everyone in the world! If we all just had messy houses then no one’s house would be messy! Take a photo of your room and post it in the comments below to join the revolution!