Why Do I Have To Care About Stuff?

For a core university course, we have to launch a social media campaign for a cause we care about. Born out of a place of resentment where we found we do not care about any one campaign enough to base our assignment on, we have decided to launch a campaign based on our apathy that will explore and justify the reprehensible thoughts of average 18-25 year olds in Sydney who are constantly forced to care about things. So aside from the minor motivation that we need to pass this course to get or degrees, seriously… why can’t the world get off our back?

All we hear our criticisms about Gen Y being ‘apathetic’. And why wouldn’t we be? At some point during our turbulent adolescence the world changed and we changed with it. Give to charity? Why, where’s my cheap thirll?War in Gaza? But look at this cute cat picture on Buzzfeed…

Maybe we don’t care, but maybe that’s not our fault. In a world where time is money, social innovation is viral and ‘likes’ are cheap, Why do I have to care about stuff? And what would we care about anyway, yet another season of Big Brother?

alicia & michelle


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